Travel back to the dinosaurs’ era and experience a memorable adventure in Zatorland. The park is the closest attraction to the Scandinavia Resort (2,1 km) and the place your kids absolutely must see. Though the target group of the visitors is youth, the exposition will surely impress also the adults. Zatorland is not one but three theme parks, the most known of which is the Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs. Over 100 beasts of natural height are lurking among the trees or minding their own business on the clearings. Will you find them all? Once the hunt for the prehistoric reptiles is over you can move to another area of the complex. If you are not afraid of the gigantic insects, you will have a great time spotting the enlarged details of their bodies. Together with the Park of Mythology all zones of Zatorland are an excellent occasion to learn things that are rarely mentioned in school. After the educational part kids can relax in an amusement park with carousels, boat pool, and 5D cinema.

Zatorland – you need to see it all!

Visiting Zatorland during your stay at our resort can be your first taste of the local attractions. The park’s great advantage are the affordable prices of the tickets and convenient packages. The site has a lot to offer especially to younger children, so make sure you have an adequate amount of time to see all the great spots. Don’t make a mistake by going there at the end of the day – your kids will never forgive you for the hurried exploring! We guarantee you entertainment at the highest level and unforgettable experience at the Dinosaur Park and other exhibitions. If you have limited budget or you are tired of loud and crowded places, Zatorland is the best choice for your family. But why don’t you make the most of your holidays or weekend and plan a few days of pure fun? Visit the complex in Zator and the famous Energylandia on two separate days. Thanks to the perfect location of the Scandinavia Resort you don’t have to make hard choices, as you can see all the attractions on one trip!

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